David Harlow and John Moore talk with Gregg Masters about HITECH Act, Certified EHRs and Meaningful Use on Blog Talk Radio

John Moore and I spoke with Gregg Masters on Blog Talk Radio today about the HITECH Act provisions in ARRA, certification of electronic health records systems, and the meaning of “meaningful use.” The Meaningful Use “matrix” laying out the five-year plan, laying out care goals, objectives and measures across five health outcomes policy priorities is […]

A Declaration of Health Data Rights: Can't argue with it, but it's only a first step

I'm joining the party a day or two late, and am supporting: A Declaration of Health Data Rights In an era when technology allows personal health information to be more easily stored, updated, accessed and exchanged, the following rights should be self-evident and inalienable. We the people: Have the right to our own health data […]

America's Agenda: Health Care For All – Conversation with Dick Gephardt on bipartisan business-labor-payor coalition prodding policymakers into action

I had the opportunity to speak with Dick Gephardt and Mark Blum yesterday, courtesy of America's Agenda: Health Care For All.  Mark is the organization's Executive Director.  Dick Gephardt is a board member and is also . . . Dick Gephardt.  The organization has been engaged in some bipartisan efforts to promote health care reform […]

#hcsm means Healthcare Communications and Social Media: Last night's legal edition was fast and furious

Tom Stitt and Dana Lewis host a weekly "tweetchat" on healthcare communications and social media, known as healthsocmed or hcsm.  Last night, Daniel Goldman, legal counsel at The Mayo Clinic, aka @danielg280, and I, aka @healthblawg, were lawyers-on-the-spot for a special legal edition.  There were interesting questions raised regarding social media, patients, providers, privacy, HIPAA, […]

Peter Neupert and the latest on Microsoft HealthVault

I had the opportunity to speak with Microsoft SVP Peter Neupert today, on a conference call with a few other health care bloggers.  He was wrapping up the Microsoft connected health conference (check out the tweetstream at #msftchc, which this year brought the HealthVault developers and Amalga users together for the first time, and he […]