Blog Carnivals; next Health Wonk Review right here on April 15

This week, health reform looms large in the minds of blog carnival hosts.  Evan Falchuk's health reform edition of Grand Rounds is up at his See First blog.  Rich Elmore hosts the current Health Wonk Review at his Healthcare Technology News (check out the flying pigs photos and more; cf. the HealthBlawger's "First Hundred Days" […]

Blog Carnivals this week

Please be sure to check out this week's editions of Blawg Review at Popehat, Grand Rounds at Survive the Journey and Health Wonk Review at InsureBlog.  Of special note, this week's edition of Grand Rounds is a participatory medicine edition, and announces the launch of the Journal of Participatory Medicine, which will happen formally at […]

Blog carnivals this week

Legally Unbound hosted Blawg Review this week.  I was fortunate enough to watch the sidewallks get rolled up on Beacon Hill with Blawg Review's anonymous editor, "Ed.," who was in Boston last weekend; he then hightailed it to Vegas to supervise Blawg Review #231. Laika's MedLibLog hosted Grand Rounds this week.  Hard to believe GR […]

Blog Carnivals: Lawyers, Medbloggers and Health Wonks (Oh My)

Just catching up on the week's blog carnivals …. Blawg Review #221 at The Complex Litigator begins with an exposition on Guy Fawkes Night, and takes us on a tour of the blawgosphere, touching on imagined Senate confirmation hearing testimony from Yoda, hamsters, and class actions. This week's host of Grand Rounds, Doc Gurley, presents […]