1. GREAT job!! Thanks for including my essay and link. I can honestly say that I enjoyed this Grand Rounds so much– I think this might be one of the best week’s yet! Thanks for all the hard work!


  2. Wonderful job David. Thanks for the last minute (after the deadline) inclusion. Glad you were able to weave it into your tale. Happy Valentines Day to you and yours.

  3. What a great edition of grand rounds! Well written, informative, and with a real feeling of warmth appropriate to the theme.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Wow! What a terrific job, David! It’s interesting and attractive, and easy to follow.

    Thank you for hosting, and for including our post!

  5. Hi David,

    Really nice job – I loved the category idea right from the top, and enjoyed how you incorporated such a wide variety of posts. Thank you SO much for including mine.

    Happy Valentines Day to you!


  1. David Harlow’s Grand Rounds Gets To the Heart of the Matter

    Congrats to fellow health law blogger, David Harlow at HealthBlawg who does a wonderful job weaving together a special Valentine’s Day edition of Grand Rounds. David’s edition gets to the heart of the matter and includes a wide range of posts – covering t

  2. HealthBlawg: Grand Rounds Vol. 4 No. 21: The Valentineā€™s Day Edition

    HealthBlawg: Grand Rounds Vol. 4 No. 21: The Valentineā€™s Day Edition
    Grand Rounds Vol. 4 No. 21: The Valentineā€™s Day Edition
    Stvalentineicon_2 Happy Valentineā€™s Day (almost), and welcome to Grand Rounds, ā€œthe weekly rotating carnival of the best o

  3. Grand Rounds: (Almost) Valentine’s Day edition

    In a nod to history, health care lawyer and consultant David Harlow presents this week’s Grand Rounds as a sort of “Valentine’s Day through the ages.” It’s a great effort, with almost 3 dozen roses, er, entries.

  4. ScienceDebate2008 and blog carnivals

    The movement to have US presidential candidatesĀ discuss Science and Technology in a devoted debate has been picking up steam. Date and place are scheduled: April 18th at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.
    – cosponsored by the AAAS, the Council on Co

  5. Putting the ā€œHeartā€ in Grand Rounds

    Iā€™ve been a bad blogger.
    I have neglected linkage duties for a week!
    So without further ado, David at HealthBlawg is hosting this weekā€™s Grand Rounds. The theme? Valentineā€™s Day!
    Hence this photo from Cookies by Design.
    I want this for Valentines

  6. Grand Rounds is Up at HealthBlawg

    David Harlow’s excellent health care law blog (Healthblawg) is hosting this week’s Grand Rounds which focuses on, what else, Valentine’s Day themes. Have a look. My post on Palpitations is included. Thanks David.

  7. Carnivalia and an open thread

    Carnivals! Carnival of Education #156 A belated Carnival of the Liberals #57 Carnival of the Liberals #58 Grand Rounds Friday Ark #178 The Boneyard #13 Oekologie #14 A Tangled Bank announcement! The next Tangled Bank will be at Greg Laden’s…