I am pleased to announce that I am joining Insulet Corporation effective August 19. I will be in the newly-created position of healthcare compliance counsel, with a broad range of responsibilities in the healthcare, data and compliance domains. Insulet produces innovative medical devices (pods) for tubeless subcutaneous delivery of insulin and other medications, with dosage and timing controlled by a handheld device or smartphone app. I am looking forward to partnering closely with internal clients and colleagues at Insulet in the continuing pursuit of the simple yet ambitious goal of improving health and life by leveraging technical tools built on scientific advances while remaining laser-focused on patients.

I look forward to maintaining the strong connections that I have with so many of you out there, in all of our varied healthcare innovation tribes — on line and in real life — though of course my future public comments in blogs and tweets (and whatever’s next) will all come with the usual caveat: Opinions are my own.

Insulet is based in Acton, MA, right next to Concord — home of Walden Pond. I hope to draw some inspiration from that proximity in continuing to work to build a better future.

Keep in touch!

David Harlow

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