I attended the HXRefactored conference in Boston last week. Amy Cueva and Matthew Holt gave a broad reading to the concept of design thinking and assembled an engaging agenda. There were quite a few good sessions and as always I enjoyed the hallway conversations with folks I don’t get to see often enough in real life, and with some new acquaintances as well. (My healthcare disruption sartorial communities were well-represented.)

The closing keynote was delivered by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, detailing the way he had come to learn about the Commonwealth’s opioid abuse crisis, and the steps state government is taking to address the crisis. Here are some of the livetweeted highlights.

2 replies on “HXRefactored 2016: Design Thinking and the Opioid Crisis”

  1. Opioid overdoses are growing and it’s great that it’s finally becoming known nationwide. It would have been great to attend the HXRefactored conference, and see Charlie Baker speak a couple weeks ago.

    Although it’s great that he noted the seriousness of opioid abuse, I wish there would have been more talked about on how to prevent it further down the road. It seems as though Governor Baker touched on the education of opioid abuse, but I’d like to know the specifics on how people can avoid it if they’re using opiods that a doctor prescribed to prevent pain. Overall, it seemed like a great event, and I’m glad I got to read about what was covered!

    1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I linked to the Massachusetts web page outlining the Commonwealth’s comprehensive strategy to end opioid abuse, and linking to a variety of resources, in between some of the tweets. Here it is again, for greater clarity: link to mass.gov — Obviously, this is a work in progress.

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