The Affordable Care Act: How Provider Organizations Can Succeed Under Health Reform

The Camel's Nose is in the Tent: Health Care Reform & the Joslin Affiliate from David Harlow The Affordable Care Act has triggered many changes in the health care delivery system. Learn about the health reform-inspired approaches to redesigning care that work (or don't work) for management of chronic conditions, including diabetes — from ACOs […]

HIPAA for Web and Mobile Developers and Designers (and for everyone, The Data Map)

I spoke at the HxRefactored conference in Brooklyn this week. The title of my talk was Dancing with HIPAA and it was intended as an introduction to health care data privacy and security regulations, practical concerns and — most important — practical solutions to privacy and security issues whether subject to HIPAA or not. Many […]

Medical Groups Need to Focus on HIPAA Compliance

Why is it time for a HIPAA reality check? Because (1) Data breaches are a constant threat; (2) OCR audits reveal many health care providers are not in compliance; (3) Workforce members pose a significant risk for HIPAA liability; (4) Patients are aware of their right to file a complaint; (5) OCR is increasing its […]