Why is it time for a HIPAA reality check? Because (1) Data breaches are a constant threat; (2) OCR audits reveal many health care providers are not in compliance; (3) Workforce members pose a significant risk for HIPAA liability; (4) Patients are aware of their right to file a complaint; (5) OCR is increasing its focus on HIPAA enforcement; and (6) HIPAA compliance is not an option, it’s the law. Read this white paper to learn the facts and understand if you are doing enough to mitigate the risk of a breach or HIPAA violation.

I’ve written before about the urgency involved in ensuring physician practice HIPAA compliance. The stakes are high, and the time to address the issue is now. Read more about the landscape in this free physician practice HIPAA compliance white paper [sponsored link] and — if you haven’t done so already — start planning for your own group’s HIPAA compliance efforts. We have some HIPAA compliance tools that you can use on a DIY basis, or we can help you with a cost-effective customized solution.

David Harlow
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