The Massachusetts Hospital Association presented a health care social media program today featuring two leading evangelists and strategists — who also happen to be compelling speakers: Larry Weber and Lee Aase.  The MHA is getting its own social media presence off the ground, and the hospitals represented at the meeting are at various stages of social media adoption and use.

The show-and-tell and war stories resonated with the audience, and a number of attendees were resolved to pick up flip cameras and integrate video into their social media offerings.  As the token lawyer in the room, I was asked if stand-up video interviews could be posted by virtue of getting electronic releases; since a digital signature is a signature these days under the law, I said yes.  The truth is, digitizing the consent/release process makes it easier to keep track of the records, too.

The speakers' presentations are available on line: Lee Aase's presentation and Lee's liveblogged notes on Larry's presentation.  You can also scroll back through the day's #mhapr tweetstream to get the flavor of the session.

After the program, I had the opportunity to share a late outdoor lunch and take a walk with Lee on an sunny April day, ahead of the thunderstorms.

David Harlow
The Harlow Group LLC
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