Fake Facebook profiles and other portents of the end times

One issue up for discussion in this evening's free-form health care social media tweetchat was the fake Facebook page of eSara Baker, posted as a form of marketing for a company providing online health-related services (which sound like typical patient portal stuff like scheduling appointments and accessing test results).  The page prominently states: "If you […]

Health Care Social Media comes to the Massachusetts Hospital Association

The Massachusetts Hospital Association presented a health care social media program today featuring two leading evangelists and strategists — who also happen to be compelling speakers: Larry Weber and Lee Aase.  The MHA is getting its own social media presence off the ground, and the hospitals represented at the meeting are at various stages of […]

FDA takes it up a notch: A fresh look at radiation emitting equipment regulation, and what about EHRs?

Earlier this month, the FDA released a letter announcing a new focus on radiation-emitting products.  Here's the core of the letter: In order to reduce the number of under-doses, over-doses, and misaligned exposures from therapeutic radiation the FDA is taking several steps to improve the safety and safe use of certain radiation therapy devices. Analyses […]