GAO says Medicare Advantage plans save seniors money … or cost seniors (and taxpayers) too much money … or something …

The great thing about reading a study, or a report about a study, showing … well, just for example, that EHRs don’t save any money, or that drinking alcohol is good for you, is that, gosh darn it, there’s always another study that shows the exact opposite. Since we’re so pressed for time these days, […]

David Harlow quoted on compliance with anti-kickback rules

I was interviewed for the current Part B Insider  article on anti-kickback compliance (p. 3 of the issue linked to here) in light of a recent OIG report on enforcement. Check it out. As I tell folks over and over again: good business practices in other industries are often illegal in health care. — David […]

Google PHR roll-out: how personal will a personal health record be?

Last week, Google and the Cleveland Clinic announced a pilot of the Google personal health record (under 10,000 patients), touted by Cleveland Clinic as a means to help its snowbird patients keep track of their medical records scattered across multiple locations (among other things).  See the party line from the Googleplex, and other interesting posts […]