Rhetoric vs. reality, or, the not-yet-ready-for-prime-time universal health plans: Britain's NHS, Medicare (for All), and the FEHBP

Three examples of health plans are often touted by proponents of universal health care coverage: the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan (FEHBP), Medicare and Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).  Access to "the same health care choices as members of Congress" (the FEHBP) is an ever-popular populist mantra on the stump.  Low-overhead Medicare is likewise promoted […]

HealthVault: The end of the world as we know it?

Fred Trotter has thrown down the gauntlet: he says Microsoft’s HealthVault privacy policy doesn’t pass muster.  He chides Deborah Peel, director of the Privacy Rights Foundation for endorsing its privacy protections.  Martin Jensen at the HIT Transition Weblog, among others, is in agreement.  Bottom line, they’re right, but so what? Whose privacy policy really works […]

OIG advisory opinion OK's certain ambulance service support for county expenses

Last week, the OIG posted an October 12 advisory opinion regarding private ambulance service support for county expenses incurred in connection with prehospital care and transportation provided under exclusive contracts with the ambulance services providing the support. Most municipalities no longer ask for — and most ambulance services no longer offer — vehicle donations and […]

Guns and butter: Health Wonk Review is up at Healthcare Economist

In today’s health-wonk-o-sphere news, Jason Shafrin is hosting the current Health Wonk Review at Healthcare Economist.  Check out his lively digest of everything from P4P to SCHIP to HealthVault and beyond.  Not surprisingly, what ties together many of the posts Jason selected is a concern with competing interests and values — the guns vs. butter, […]

KFF posts comparison tool for the presidential candidates' health plans

For a useful primer on the presidential candidates’ health care platforms and more, check out the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Health08.org site.  Among other things, you can build a side-by-side comparison of the candidates’ health care plans, with links to source materials, and check out webcasts (live and archived) of candidate forums on their health plans. […]