IRS rules on EHR funding expected within a few months

Today’s iHealthBeat picked up the Modern Healthcare report that IRS rules giving tax-exempt hospitals comfort on how to provide EHRs to their physicians while staying within the Stark and AKS rules will be coming out relatively soon.  It’s worth noting that this announcement was not made by the IRS but, rather, by an HHS official.  As […]

New Executive Order regularizes process for promulgation of "significant guidance documents"

Last month, President Bush issued an Executive Order amending Executive Order 12866 on Regulatory Planning and Review.  OMB issued a Final Bulletin on Good Guidance Practices to implement the Executive Order. The Order and Bulletin are aimed at reining in the proliferation of sub-regulatory guidance issued by federal agencies without any central review similar to […]

IDTF requirements tightened up in latest CMS transmittal — and then dropped

Update 2/21/07: CMS pulled the manual changes regarding IDTFs this week.  There’s nothing more than a one-sentence note where these changes used to be.  Looks like someone over there finally realized they had gone too far. . . . The "manual changes" link below now leads to that brief retraction.  The reg changes remain in […]

News and notes on universal health care coverage at the state and federal levels

The Century Foundation has posted a discussion among a panel of experts on universal coverage, focusing on state initiatives in Massachusetts, California and beyond.  Questions and comments are welcome and may be included in future iterations of the forum.  One state with a recent foray into universal health care coverage is Washington.  See notes on […]

Is Medicare Part D working?

According to the pharmacy benefit managers’ trade association: Medicare prescription drug plans (PDPs) achieved higher-than-expected savings of 29 percent during 2006 and are on track to save Medicare and its beneficiaries $469 billion over the 2006-2015 period if current performance is maintained, according to a new analysis from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) released today by the Pharmaceutical […]