Update 2/21/07: CMS pulled the manual changes regarding IDTFs this week.  There’s nothing more than a one-sentence note where these changes used to be.  Looks like someone over there finally realized they had gone too far. . . . The "manual changes" link below now leads to that brief retraction.  The reg changes remain in place, though.  Still plenty of change there.


CMS manual changes released at the end of last month (effective February 26, 2007) go beyond the scope of CMS regulations regarding IDTFs that were finalized in December by adding a number of substantive requirements.  (See HealthBlawg post with link to reg here.)

One issue that is of particular concern to IDTFs and their physican partners is a ban on space, equipment and personnel leases between IDTFs and other parties.

Word is that the National Coalition for Quality Diagnostic Imaging Services is spearheading an effort to communicate industry concerns to CMS.

David Harlow