Massachusetts universal health care coverage: employer perspective

I presented an introduction to the MA universal health care law a few weeks ago to a group of corporate counsel — focusing on the employer’s perspective.  My presentation was drawn in part from materials on the Massachusetts legislative website (look for "Health Care Bill" about halfway down on the left). — David Harlow

Looks like the Medicare pay cut for physicians will be cut, as expected

The Washington Post and Modern Healthcare reported today that a massive tax bill coming out of committee yesterday includes provisions that would reverse the 5% Medicare 2007 rate cut for physicians, and establish a 1.5% incentive increase for those who report on quality measures.  (Hospitals are currently docked part of their Medicare reimbursements unless they report […]

Pediatrics association to highlight concerns with retail-based clinics

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Retail Based Clinic Policy Work Group has a set of recommendations coming out in this month’s issue of Pediatrics.  (See earlier HealthBlawg post on retail-based clinics here.) Advance notice, courtesy of Medscape (free registration required), identifies the work group’s views on the shortcomings of this model: 1.  Fragmentation of care; […]

OIG issues semiannual report – laundry list of what not to do

The OIG’s semiannual report came out today, offering the usual insight in how not to run your business.  The press release offers some highlights, detailing how OIG’s $38.2 billion in savings and expected recoveries encompasses $35.8 billion in implemented recommendations and other actions to put funds to better use, $789.4 million in audit receivables, and […]