Health care insurance reform notes from South Carolina

Health care reform watchers here in Massachusetts are following local details as they unfold, interrupted somewhat by the changing of the guard as Patrick appointees will fill various posts now held by Romney appointees.  Many of us follow with interest developments in other states as well (see this post and comment).  Some in the business […]

Blawg Review #88

Welcome to Blawg Review #88, where you can sit back while some of the masters of the form tickle the ivories.  (Since the number of this edition matches the number of keys on a piano, you’ll have to bear with me through some musical musings; I trust they will not be too painful.) To kick […]

MA Medical Law Report

Lawyers Weekly puts out a quarterly Massachusetts Medical Law Report geared to physicians and health care administrators.  The current issue (PDF) features a number of my colleagues around town — Bill Mandell, Eve Horwitz, Carol Phillips, Michael Costa — and a quote from me in the article on CMS’s pay for performance demonstration beginning on […]

Why haven't consumer-directed health plans taken off?

A recent study conducted by The Commonwealth Fund and the Employee Benefit Research Institute reveals that enrollment in high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) and consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs) is up this year by a meager 1%.  (Be sure to read the summary on the first page of the study report.)  One would think that the tax […]