America's Agenda: Health Care For All – Conversation with Dick Gephardt on bipartisan business-labor-payor coalition prodding policymakers into action

I had the opportunity to speak with Dick Gephardt and Mark Blum yesterday, courtesy of America's Agenda: Health Care For All.  Mark is the organization's Executive Director.  Dick Gephardt is a board member and is also . . . Dick Gephardt.  The organization has been engaged in some bipartisan efforts to promote health care reform […]

Health Care Reform edition of Health Wonk Review is up

Joe Paduda does a great job pulling together the best of recent policy posts from the health blogosphere — and tops it off with some insightful wonkishness of his own — in today's edition of Health Wonk Review at Managed Care Matters. David HarlowThe Harlow Group LLCHealth Care Law and Consulting

Blog Talk Radio: David Harlow featured in health care reform discussion on Gregg Masters' Net Health Reform

I had the pleasure of discussing the current crop of health care reform policy options with Gregg Masters and a number of callers today on Blog Talk Radio.  The hour-long show is available for your listening pleasure here (streaming or download).  Please let me know if you like the content and/or format.  Gregg (aka @2healthguru […]

Health Care Reform: Two out of Three Ain't Bad?

Folksy ads for a local furniture store chain 'round these parts proclaim "quality, comfort and price; that's nice."  In the continuing saga of slouching towards health care reform, we need to deal with quality, access and cost.  The problem is, we can't really do everything at once.  Now that Obama has weighed in again on […]

Health insurance mandates: Geez, good thing Obama isn't pushing them, 'cause he'd get tied up in litigation for forever

San Francisco's municipal health insurance mandate is in the news again this week.  The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the mandate in September (after sturm und drang and litigation over the San Francisco health insurance mandate going back almost two years now), and the local restaurant association has taken the fight to the Supremes.  […]

Health Wonk Review: Spring has just about sprung

Welcome to Health Wonk Review, where everyone is above average.  We enjoy above-average health care costs per capita, above-average uninsured rates, and above-average obsession with health care reform.  That's what it's like today in America.  Our president has said, Change has come to America.  In the words of Robert Hayden's [American Journal]: america     as much […]