Massachusetts Health Reform Bill Tackles Cost Control and More

The Massachusetts legislature is voting today on "An Act improving the quality of health care and reducing costs through increased transparency, efficiency and innovation" reported out of conference committee at the eleventh hour, last night. (Update: The law was passed by both houses and sent to the Governor for signature this evening.) The headlines include: […]

David Harlow is Guest on Lawyer2Lawyer Podcast on Massachusetts Health Reform Issue

I am a guest on the latest edition of Lawyer2Lawyer, a podcast talk show on the Legal Talk Network hosted by fellow Bay State blawger Bob Ambrogi and Golden State lawyer Craig Williams, discussing aspects of the Massachusetts health reform plan, national health reform, and the lawsuit brought by their other guest, Michael Merlina, who […]

Massachusetts State Rep. Ruth Balser speaks with David Harlow about health reform, the Massachusetts experience, and potential implications for the federal effort

The Massachusetts health reform experience is often cited as a model for key aspects of the federal health reform law – the Affordable Care Act.  To gain some insight into the origins of the Massachusetts health reform law, and to explore current experience with implementation, I spoke with Rep. Ruth Balser, a legislative leader and […]

Massachusetts health care payment plan gets renewed attention: Global payments to replace fee for service?

Federal health reform and Massachusetts health reform may find a point of convergence in the development of ACOs (accountable care organizations) and the payment mechanisms that will make them tick (or hum, or do whatever it is that we want them to do).  The Federales will be holding a listening session next week on the […]

Massachusetts health care cost trends hearings yield data, stir heated debate

  The Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy and the Attorney General's Office are holding three days of hearings this week on health care cost trends.  You may wish to get up to speed by taking a look at the HealthBlawger's earlier review of preliminary reports on Massachusetts health care cost trends and […]