FDA takes it up a notch: A fresh look at radiation emitting equipment regulation, and what about EHRs?

Earlier this month, the FDA released a letter announcing a new focus on radiation-emitting products.  Here's the core of the letter: In order to reduce the number of under-doses, over-doses, and misaligned exposures from therapeutic radiation the FDA is taking several steps to improve the safety and safe use of certain radiation therapy devices. Analyses […]

Diagnostic Radiology Controls: David Harlow Interviews MITA Executive Director Dave Fischer

MITA Executive Director Dave Fischer spoke with HealthBlawg last week about industry efforts to control radiation dose in diagnostic radiology modalities such as CT.  A congressional hearing on radiation dose control took place the day after we spoke, and the FDA will be holding a hearing on diagnostic radiology issues in late March.  Earlier last […]

Health Reform: What's a Provider to Do?

What should health care providers be doing in anticipation of the likely passage of an historic health reform bill?  There are at least three possibilities: (1) Lament the passing of the good old days and oppose it; (2) Insist that it isn't good enough because it is lacking some key provision (tort reform; SGR replacement; […]

August 2007 Massachusetts certificate of need applications for radiation therapy

Well, let’s cut to the chase: there aren’t any.  That’s right, no applications were filed August 1 for radiation therapy CONs (or DONs — determinations of need — as we call them here in the People’s Republic of Massachsuetts).  Highly unusual, no?  Could you imagine if the FCC held a bandwidth auction and nobody came?  […]

2007 Medicare OPPS and ASC fee schedule finalized

CMS released the 2007 hospital outpatient prospective payment system (OPPS) and ASC rule and fee schedule last week.  It went on display November 1; it will be published in the coming weeks with an effective date of January 1, 2007. UPDATE 11/27/06: The final rule was published Friday 11/24 in the Federal Register. As is […]

. . . And then there were four (Massachusetts CON applications for linear accelerators)

Only four of the six CON applications filed with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health earlier this month for radiation therapy services are still pending.  This week, DPH rejected the New England Radiosurgery application for certain technical deficiencies, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital withdrew its application for a service in Dartmouth, MA.  In addition to […]