Unlocking the Power of Health Data

A Perspectives piece I wrote was published this week by iHealthBeat – Unlocking the Power of Health Data. In it I argue for patient-controlled sharing of rich data, as opposed to HIPAA-regulated stripping of identifiers in order to eliminate the risk to patient privacy as data is shared for research and other purposes. Googler Larry […]

The Walking Gallery of Health Care

I am proud to be a member of The Walking Gallery. If you are not familiar with Regina Holliday and her unique brand of health care activism, you should be. See her blog, and follow the links in the sidebar to more Walking Gallery details. By way of example, she has written a blog post […]

#StrataRx — David Harlow's HIPAA and HITECH presentation

Patient Consent to Use of Data: Are We Asking the Wrong Question? I spoke yesterday at the StrataRx conference in Boston, as part of the data liquidity track. This was sort of a blue sky presentation (as you can tell from the first slide); the thought was to explore the notion of building big data […]

Hacking HIPAA – Join Us!

For years, a common refrain in the health care space has been that regulations are constraining innovation. The latest in a long list of rules that constrain health IT development are the HIPAA/HITECH regulations. (Read all about them here on HealthBlawg.)The Federales begin enforcing these regs on September 23, 2013 HIPAA was not intended to […]

Hacking HIPAA

Join me in attacking an endemic problem in health care today by Hacking HIPAA. I am crowdfunding the development of a new legal form to be used on and after September 23, 2013 to allow patients to opt-in to easier health care communications – a Common Notice of Privacy Practices that is patient-focused. (Text me, […]

Health Datapalooza IV

This year's Health Datapalooza was the biggest to date. This is an event that keeps growing, as the government commitment to open data and the marketplace's insatiable thirst for data — and of course the information, knowledge and wisdom that may be gleaned from all that data — continue to grow. Interestingly, this year's focus […]