The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has announced that it will be accepting applications from a new crop of applicants to operate registered marijuana dispensaries in the Commonwealth.

Applications will be accepted beginning June 29, 2015. There is an advantage to being first in line. There is an advantage to going in with an experienced team.

The initial medical marijuana dispensary licensing process in Massachusetts was broken. Here’s hoping that DPH and its new commissioner have taken the lessons learned to heart and that things will go more smoothly this time around. Most importantly, here’s hoping that needed products and services will be made available to patients as expeditiously as possible.

David Harlow, principal of The Harlow Group LLC, is a Massachusetts health care attorney and consultant with over twenty-five years of public and private sector experience. He was involved in theĀ  the initial Massachusetts registered marijuana dispensary application process, and quarterbacked a team of consultants including some of the best in the industry. Contact David today if you require assistance with structuring a Massachusetts enterprise in this sector or the preparation of an application to file with DPH. He has worked with applicants and ancillary businesses and professionals involved in the medical marijuana industry.

Photo credit: The Good Reverend Flash via Flickr CC

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