Engage With Grace

As patients, as family members, as friends, as health care providers, we have all faced end-of-life issues at one time or another, and we will face them again.  And again.  This weekend, the "Engage With Grace" message is being broadcast virally, through a "blog rally," at a time when many people are with family and […]

Medblogging and privacy issues hit the mainstream media

. . . Well, at least NPR’s Morning Edition.  Is that MSM?  This morning’s piece on medblogging ethics included interviews with a couple of medbloggers, who blog at Kevin MD and Wachter’s World.  (Kevin hit the MSM daily double today: see USA Today.) Our paths sometimes cross at Grand Rounds, the weekly medblog carnival. Check […]

Maybe Dr. Drug Rep wasn't doing such a disservice to humanity

In today’s email: “The Debate of Influencing Doctors’ Decisions: Are Drug Characteristics the Missing Link?” is featured in the November 2007 edition of Management Science. The study was produced independently of the pharmaceutical industry, and may have important implications for policy makers and authorities exploring the way marketing affects drug dispensation, the researchers say. The […]