Gimme My Damn Data – The ICD Edition

The latest news story to examine the issue of patient access to implantable cardiac defibrillator data (a variation on the theme of “gimme my damn data”) is an in-depth, Page One Wall Street Journal story featuring Society for Participatory Medicine members Amanda Hubbard and Hugo Campos. They have garnered attention in the past – one example is another piece on Hugo on […]

Engage With Grace

As patients, as family members, as friends, as health care providers, we have all faced end-of-life issues at one time or another, and we will face them again. And again.  Having been through this process twice in the past year, I can only repeat that it is important to have The Talk, to help ensure […]

Me too! It's not fair! The tragedy of the commons in the health care marketplace

There are at least two conversations going on in the health care marketplace today, each focused on one of two key questions. One is: How can we achieve the Triple Aim? The other is: Why do they get to do that?  (It's not fair! I want more!)   Until we stop asking the second question, we […]

Massachusetts Code of Conduct finalized for Pharma, device manufacturers, health care providers

The code of conduct adopted in Massachusetts is the most restrictive set of rules in the nation, crows the Department of Public Health, and mutters the industry.  The final MA pharma and medical device conflict of interest rule is posted on the DPH website, together with related comments, memos and presentations.  In brief, the rule […]