Partners Health Care acquiring Neighborhood Health Plan: The 800-Pound Gorilla and the Fig Leaf?

Partners Health Care (the dominant provider network in Greater Boston) and Neighborhood Health Plan (a local mostly-Medicaid HMO) just announced that the former intends to acquire the latter, and maintain it as a separate operating entity.  No money will change hands between the parties, but an unspecified amount of money will be given by Partners […]

Why do 10% of cancer patients on oral meds stop taking them?

Ten percent of cancer patients failed to fill their initial prescriptions for oral anti-cancer drugs, according to a new study published jointly today in the Journal of Oncology Practice (JOP) and American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC)[, based on data] . . . from 2007 to 2009. . . . The study, “Patient and Plan […]

AQC to ACO: As goes Massachusetts, so goes the nation?

About four years ago here in Beantown, survivors of the last big ill-conceived or poorly-executed (depends who you ask) wave of health care management and finance innovation were kicking around for a new approach to aligning payor and provider incentives, focusing on quality and cost containment. To hear Andrew Dreyfus, CEO of Blue Cross Blue […]

Healthcare Communications and Social Media – First Anniversary Tweetchat

Sunday night, Dana Lewis (twitter handle: @danamlewis) hosted a special two-hour edition of the weekly Healthcare Communications and Social Media Tweetchat to mark its first anniversary.  There was a guest moderator — Lee Aase (@leeaase).  There was a raft of special guests: Nick Dawson (@nickdawson), Greg Matthews (@chimoose), Jonathan Richman (@jonmrich), Liza Sisler (@lizasisler), Jeff Livingston […]

HIPAA enforcement by state attorneys general: The shape of things to come

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal entered a brave new world yesterday, as the first state AG to file a HIPAA enforcement action under the “Son of HIPAA” amendments found in the HITECH Act.  Among other HIPAA changes made in the new law (all of which should be of concern to health care providers, health care […]