Massachusetts universal health care coverage: employer perspective

I presented an introduction to the MA universal health care law a few weeks ago to a group of corporate counsel — focusing on the employer’s perspective.  My presentation was drawn in part from materials on the Massachusetts legislative website (look for "Health Care Bill" about halfway down on the left). — David Harlow

Is CMS overselling (and overpaying) Medicare Advantage plans?

The NY Times reports that Democrats in Congress have sent a letter to CMS regarding alleged inaccuracies in the 2007 Medicare handbook sent to all beneficiaries, noting that it’s slanted in favor of Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare HMOs).  (See additional coverage here.)  Congressman Pete Stark (one of those who signed the letter) has been after […]

AHA finally supports federal price transparency legislation; the states are taking the lead

This month, the American Hospital Association has made an about-face and is now supporting a bill in Congress that promotes price transparency.  The information made available under such a scheme would clearly be a boon to consumer directed health plans (see HealthBlawg posts on CDH), including plans making use of health savings accounts (see HealthBlawg […]

IOM recommends P4P for Medicare

The proverbial 800-pound gorilla of health care seems poised to jump on the pay-for-performance (P4P) bandwagon. Last week, the Institute of Medicine released a report recommending that Medicare start moving in that direction — though in a measured, gradual way, acknowledging that there’s still precious little data on P4P programs, no truly standardized metrics, and […]