Doug Brown, UMass Memorial Health Care's General Counsel, speaks with David Harlow about transparency and systems improvement

I spoke with Douglas Brown, General Counsel of UMass Memorial Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts earlier this week about his institution's experience with reinventing its cardiac surgery program.  The Medical Center voluntarily suspended operations of the program in 2005 after it became clear that its CABG mortality rate was twice the statewide average (though it […]

Leah Binder, CEO of the Leapfrog Group, speaks with David Harlow about hospital-acquired infections

In an interview earlier this week, Leah Binder previewed some of the concerns likely to be aired at next week's Chasing Zero Summit in DC. The audio file of my interview with Leah Binder (about 25 minutes long) is available for download/podcast. A full transcript is at the end of this post (and in the […]