Minute Clinics coming soon to a CVS near you

"You’re sick.  We’re quick!"  That’s the MinuteClinic slogan.  And these clinics may soon be in a CVS drugstore or two near you.  The Boston Globe’s Liz Kowalczyk reports today that CVS filed a "template" clinic license application, with an eye to opening its first MinuteClinic in Weymouth.  If all goes according to plan, CVS will […]

Two kinds of value: Revolution Health, what people want and what people need

Why should Revolution Health be any more revolutionary than WebMD?  What about DrKoop.com?  Haven’t heard much lately about that once-promising site with top-shelf branding.  Why are we so enamored with social networking, at the expense of delivery of expert content?  Why should I care what Hangnail in Harrisburg has to say about her encounter with […]

Privacy worries: medical bloggers and, yes, the Google EHR

Physicians have written about patient cases for their peers and for the general public for years and years.  Oliver Sacks, Atul Gawande and the weekly case report from MGH in the New England Journal of Medicine come to mind as current examples of this long tradition.  This thing we call the blogoshere, though, due to […]

GAO says HHS is on the road to a coordinated privacy policy, but not there yet

GAO testimony before a Senate subcommittee yesterday provides a concise overview of the past few years’ developments in the realms of privacy and interoperability as they relate to HIT — both in terms of regulations and the superstructure necessary to implement them. HHS believes that it is further down the road to developing an integrated […]

HIPAA security guidance for off-site use of electronic protected health information (EPHI)

CMS recently issued a HIPAA Security Guidance document on off-site use and remote access of EPHI, to assist covered entities in their compliance efforts.  As is often the case, the federales are working on closing the barn door long after the horse is out of the barn.  And what good is a policy if it’s […]