Hospital Chargemasters and Open Data from CMS — The conversation continues

When CMS recently released hospital chargemaster and payment data for the 100 hospital codes most frequently billed to Medicare, there was much written and said about the significance of the data release. Some found this to be significant; others (including your humble HealthBlawger), not so much. Leonard Kish summed up and addressed the critiques of the […]

The federales’ open data policy and the Medicare hospital chargemaster data dump … Please don’t inundate us with junk.

So just about everyone is pretty pumped about the White House announcement of its new open data policy. Todd Park gives us the skinny on the latest in Open Government — The Executive Order and related Open Data Policy — in 60 seconds. (Gotta love that guy.) In general, when it comes to data, the more […]

New OIG Self-Disclosure Protocol

The OIG released an updated self-disclosure protocol this week, about ten months after putting out a call for comments on the old protocol. The new protocol imposes some new burdens on the disclosing entity, such as a shorter timeline for internal investigations and reporting, and higher minimum fines. According to the OIG, the benefits of […]

Electronic Exchange of Lab Results: A social-media-prompted response to the ONC RFI on interoperability

The final question posed in the recent request for information posted by ONC reads as follows: What specific HHS policy changes would significantly increase standards based electronic exchange of laboratory results? Keith Boone, aka @motorcycle_guy, self-proclaimed GE standards geek and fellow member of the Society for Participatory Medicine, blogged about his thoughts on the subject in […]