The Affordable Care Act: How Provider Organizations Can Succeed Under Health Reform

The Camel's Nose is in the Tent: Health Care Reform & the Joslin Affiliate from David Harlow The Affordable Care Act has triggered many changes in the health care delivery system. Learn about the health reform-inspired approaches to redesigning care that work (or don't work) for management of chronic conditions, including diabetes — from ACOs […]

How do you get Young Invincibles to buy health insurance?

President Barack Obama is pushing his signature domestic program, enrollment in a health insurance plan via by March 31, by shilling for it on the "Funny or Die" Zach Galfianakis mini talk show satire, "Between Two Ferns." I think it's hilarious, though not everyone thinks the humor involved befits a sitting president. Whether or […]

Narrow Networks and Medicare Advantage: The True Meaning of Managed Care?

United HealthCare and other Medicare Advantage plans are dropping numerous providers from their networks, to the consternation of members given short notice of the changes. Predictably, the story is presented as big bad insurance co. vs. grandma, but the real story is less clear-cut. For years, Medicare Advantage plans have benefited from a regulatory structure […]