Presidential politics and the new Kaiser health care tracking poll

The Kaiser Family Foundation kicked off a tracking poll on health care issues in connection with the presidential campaign.  First installment’s surprise: health care ranks ahead of the economy among voters’ top three concerns (after Iraq).  It was the economy until recently.  This is one of those classic chicken-and-egg questions: Are the candidates talking health […]

The political blogosphere, presidential politics and, oh yes, health care policy

Friday afternoon I received a slightly breathless email from the good people at the Campaign for America’s Future (a name that could easily be co-opted by either the right or the left; I checked out the advisory board named on their website and saw they have some serious progressive/liberal cred: Jesse Jackson to Betty Friedan […]

Gainsharing article published in Massachusetts Medical Law Report

My article entitled Gainsharing: providing care in a more economical way was just published in the Spring issue of The Massachusetts Medical Law Report, a quarterly put out by the folks at the Mass. Lawyers Weekly. Among other things, it touches on the relevant regulatory framework and programs under which gainsharing demonstration projects may be […]

Privacy worries: medical bloggers and, yes, the Google EHR

Physicians have written about patient cases for their peers and for the general public for years and years.  Oliver Sacks, Atul Gawande and the weekly case report from MGH in the New England Journal of Medicine come to mind as current examples of this long tradition.  This thing we call the blogoshere, though, due to […]

Of drug-resistant staph infections, public reporting of infection rates, and the consumer-directedness of it all

Item:  The CDC, in last week’s MMWR, reported the fact that dialysis patients have a drug-resistant staph infection rate more than 100 times that of the general population.  The Washington Times picked up this report and noted that in order to contain outpatient clinic and hospital-acquired infections (HAI), a number of states have mandatory reporting […]