Two kinds of value: Revolution Health, what people want and what people need

Why should Revolution Health be any more revolutionary than WebMD?  What about  Haven’t heard much lately about that once-promising site with top-shelf branding.  Why are we so enamored with social networking, at the expense of delivery of expert content?  Why should I care what Hangnail in Harrisburg has to say about her encounter with […]

Open source EHR? VistA Lite goes for CCHIT certification with a wiki-based support model. Hmm.

Modern Healthcare reports on the adaptation of VistA for small physician offices: CCHIT closed applications on Feb. 14 for its fourth batch of testing of electronic health-record systems for the ambulatory-care environment with a record 35 applications received. CCHIT does not reveal the names of system developers seeking certification, but one of them self-disclosed: WorldVistA, […]

Affordability standards adopted under Massachusetts universal health care law

The Connector has adopted affordability standards which will lead to health care insurance coverage for over 99% of Massachusetts residents (see NY Times article and WBUR story posted on WBUR’s CommonHealth blog).  CommonHealth commenters have been giving a lot of flak on behalf of those who are not covered, noting correctly that (a) there’s still […]

CMS launches DOQ-IT University

From a CMS press release issued today: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) today announced the national launch of DOQ-IT (Doctor’s Office Quality Information Technology) University, or DOQ-IT U, to support health information technology (HIT) in physicians’ offices. DOQ-IT U is an interactive, Web-based tool designed to provide solo and small-to-medium sized physician […]

The costs of cost control and end of life care

Paul Levy, over at Running a Hospital, is mulling over the war cry of the interventionist: Too much is not enough! My favorite example from the Dartmouth Atlas project which Paul discusses is the angioplasty/stent epidemic at a cardiology practice in Ohio (4x national rate of stenting). That would never happen today, though, post-COURAGE, right? […]