Survey says: physicians do not consider patients' out-of-pocket costs when ordering care

Interesting survey results released earlier this month tend to show that no matter how consumer-directed health care may become, consumers may not be able to keep their out-of-pocket expenses in check on their own, because the physicians ordering diagnostic and therapeutic services are often ignorant of or indifferent to the out-of-pocket expenditure implications of their […]

Diagnostic imaging and self-referral in California: shell game or no?

A Health Affairs study posted and discussed on the Health Affairs Blog yesterday concludes that — based on one insurer’s data for 2004 California — self-referral, though banned, is "surprisingly common."  Researchers traced referral patterns for MRI, CT and PET and found a significant volume of referrals that fit within Stark II exceptions.  The author […]

Two kinds of value: Revolution Health, what people want and what people need

Why should Revolution Health be any more revolutionary than WebMD?  What about  Haven’t heard much lately about that once-promising site with top-shelf branding.  Why are we so enamored with social networking, at the expense of delivery of expert content?  Why should I care what Hangnail in Harrisburg has to say about her encounter with […]