Meaningful Use: The Final Rule

Meaningful use was given its final definition yesterday, in the meaningful use final rule released by HHS.  Secretary Sebelius, CMS Adminsitrator Berwick, ONC chief Blumenthal and the two Reginas spoke — U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, and Regina Holliday, whose late husband's last days were complicated by the failure of health care facilities to release […]

HIT incentives in Massachusetts: Less carrot, more stick

Health care providers all over the country are all worked up because they say that the federales' regulations on meaningful use of certified EHRs go too far, too fast.  They should be glad they're not in Massachusetts, where EHR use will soon be required as a condition of licensure of physicians, hospitals and community health […]

David Harlow quoted on Electronic Health Records implementation and incentives in Mass. Medical Law Report

Just a few days before the comment period closed on the draft regulations defining meaningful use (see all meaningful use comments), the Massachusetts Medical Law Report ran a piece on the HITECH Act incentives for implementation of electronic health records systems, quoting me and a couple other usual suspects.  I highlighted some shortcomings in the […]

Whither meaningful use of the certified, interoperable EHR?

Paul Roemer asks: Have you ever been a part of a successful launch of a national IT system that:  required a hundred thousand or so implementations of a parochial system? has been designed by 400 vendors? had 400 applications based on their own standards? has had to transport different versions of health records in and […]

HealthCamp Boston / SocialPharmer Boston Twitterstream via Cover It Live

HealthCamp Boston and SocialPharmer Boston are taking place today.  For those of you on site, please live tweet using hashtags #hcbos or #socpharm.  For those of you following along at home, please follow those hashtags in your reader of choice, or right here.  Separate windows are provided for #hcbos and #socpharm (each will have more […]

HealthCamp Boston April 21 – Come join in the fun, or follow along at home

HealthCamp Boston and SocialPharmer Boston are happening tomorrow, April 21.  If you can't make it in person and would like to follow the events of the day, check back here at HealthBlawg for CoverItLive windows: one will be set to follow the #hcbos twitterstream, the other, the #socpharm stream.  If you are on twitter, use […]