Bush signs executive order on HIT and transparency

David Harlow As reported in the Washington Post, President Bush signed an executive order yesterday, "Promoting Quality and Efficient Health Care in Federal Government Administered or Sponsored Health Care Programs."  This is the latest in a series of administration initiatives regarding EHR interoperability, price transparency and quality transparency that are intended to promote better decisionmaking […]

Will EHR systems add costs or bring savings to the health care economy overall?

A RAND study cited in yesterday’s N.Y. Times pegged potential health care cost savings enabled by widespread adoption of EHR systems at about $42 billion a year. Sounds good, no?  The same article, though, highlighted the fact that such widespread adoption could also increase costs.  For example, consider prescription drugs.  On the one hand, getting good […]

HIT resources on AHRQ website

David Harlow The AHRQ National Resource Center for HIT has a Knowledge Library with links to a wealth of information.  Its home page says: The Knowledge Library contains both evidenced-based and theoretical content gathered by health IT experts. The content is organized into two categories: Core Collection and Partner Contributions. The Core Collection contains items […]

EHR and E-Prescribing safe harbors finalized

CMS and the OIG finalized changes to the AKS regulations and Stark regulations, published today.  The HHS press release describes the changes as follows: The CMS rule creates two new exceptions to the physician self-referral law, which prohibits a physician from referring Medicare patients for certain designated health services (DHS) to entities with which the […]