Health Reform: What's a Provider to Do?

What should health care providers be doing in anticipation of the likely passage of an historic health reform bill?  There are at least three possibilities: (1) Lament the passing of the good old days and oppose it; (2) Insist that it isn't good enough because it is lacking some key provision (tort reform; SGR replacement; […]

Red Flags Rule: The FTC piles on, because HIPAA, ARRA and overlapping state laws just weren't enough

Update 5/28/10:  Red Flags? Nah … nothin' but blue skies.  The FTC delays implementation of the Red Flags Rule yet again, to December 31. Update 11/3/09:  The FTC announced that implementation of the Red Flags Rule will be delayed once more, this time until June 1, 2010.  The announcement came on the heels of losing […]

Massachusetts Code of Conduct finalized for Pharma, device manufacturers, health care providers

The code of conduct adopted in Massachusetts is the most restrictive set of rules in the nation, crows the Department of Public Health, and mutters the industry.  The final MA pharma and medical device conflict of interest rule is posted on the DPH website, together with related comments, memos and presentations.  In brief, the rule […]

Oxygen and Medicare: plus ca change . . .

. . . plus c’est la meme chose.  I am shocked, shocked, to learn from the newspaper of record that Medicare is overpaying for oxygen and related equipment and supplies.  Seems the OIG reported on the self-same issue over a year ago. Are there cases in which the Medicare payment is appropriate?  Sure, but there […]

OIG issues the Compendium of Unimplemented OIG Recommendations

Read the full Compendium.  Or just take a look at the priority recommendations.  There’s something for everyone.  The OIG scopes out its "priority" recommendations as being "comprised of both monetary and non-monetary recommendations, representing various time frames. The list comprises three categories: savings, integrity and efficiency, and quality of care."  The quantified "priority" unimplemented OIG […]

OIG advisory dings existing and proposed home oxygen arrangements of DME supplier

The OIG issued a negative advisory opinion earlier this month. A DME supplier requested confirmation that providing free home oxygen before patients qualify for Medcare coverage, and overnight oximetry testing services free of charge, would not be considered illegal remuneration to a person in a position to order or purchase covered goods or services. At […]