Grand Rounds is up at See First; next week's edition right here at HealthBlawg

This week's edition of Grand Rounds is up at Evan Falchuk's See First.  Welcome to the party, Evan.  Next week's "June Is Busting Out All Over" edition will be right here at HealthBlawg.  Please write your post's URL on the back of a twenty-dollar bill and mail it to the address on my home page […]

HealthCamp Boston / SocialPharmer Boston Twitterstream via Cover It Live

HealthCamp Boston and SocialPharmer Boston are taking place today.  For those of you on site, please live tweet using hashtags #hcbos or #socpharm.  For those of you following along at home, please follow those hashtags in your reader of choice, or right here.  Separate windows are provided for #hcbos and #socpharm (each will have more […]

HealthCamp Boston April 21 – Come join in the fun, or follow along at home

HealthCamp Boston and SocialPharmer Boston are happening tomorrow, April 21.  If you can't make it in person and would like to follow the events of the day, check back here at HealthBlawg for CoverItLive windows: one will be set to follow the #hcbos twitterstream, the other, the #socpharm stream.  If you are on twitter, use […]

CVS and Google Health: adding lots of prescription data to PHRs

Users of Google Health can now import their CVS prescription data into their PHRs.  Not the first pharmacy to hook up with Google Health, but perhaps the largest.  The more info there is in a PHR, the better; incomplete records only lead to misinformation or lack of information, and when we're talking about prescription medications, […]

Health Wonk Review: Spring has just about sprung

Welcome to Health Wonk Review, where everyone is above average.  We enjoy above-average health care costs per capita, above-average uninsured rates, and above-average obsession with health care reform.  That's what it's like today in America.  Our president has said, Change has come to America.  In the words of Robert Hayden's [American Journal]: america     as much […]

Steven Lash, CEO of Satori World Medical, speaks with David Harlow about medical tourism

Steven Lash, President and CEO of Satori World Medical, spoke with HealthBlawg last week about Satori's take on medical tourism, including its method of sharing cost savings with consumers who use Satori's services through employer-sponsored health plans. The audio file of my interview with Steven Lash (about 20 minutes long) is available for download/podcast. A […]