Connected Health Symposium 2009 Wrap-up

I attended the Connected Health Symposium last week in Boston and got a healthy dose of the past, present and future in health care connectivity, connectedness and connections.  As always, I enjoyed connecting in person with a whole host of folks I know online — including those who know my twitter handle, @healthblawg, better than […]

PHR Panel at Connected Health Symposium 2009

Another very interesting panel at Connected Health Symposium 2009 – this one on PHRs, with Peter Neupert from Microsoft, Roni Zeiger from Google Health and Phil Marshall from WebMD, moderated by John Moore of Chilmark Research (post linked to is relevant to this panel discussion).  Have a listen:  PHR Panel at Connected Health Symposium (Warning: […]

Connected Health Symposium 2009 – One interesting panel …

Here's the audio of a very interesting panel discussion at the Connected Health Symposium.  The audio quality isn't the greatest, but the content is terrific. Listen/Download. Moderator: Robert Hanscom, JD, Vice President, Loss Prevention and Patient Safety, CRICO/Risk Management Foundation  – John Glaser, PhD, Vice President and CIO, Partners HealthCare  – John Halamka, MD, CIO, […]

Connected Health Symposium 2009

Here's the tweetstream for the Connected Health Symposium 2009, happening October 21-22 in Boston.  Check back throughout the conference to see what's going on, and jump in on twitter if you like; the hashtag is #cch09.  Hope to see you all there.  The tweets will be archived here. <a href="/" >Connected Health Symposium 2009</a> David […]

A Declaration of Health Data Rights: Can't argue with it, but it's only a first step

I'm joining the party a day or two late, and am supporting: A Declaration of Health Data Rights In an era when technology allows personal health information to be more easily stored, updated, accessed and exchanged, the following rights should be self-evident and inalienable. We the people: Have the right to our own health data […]

Grand Rounds Vol. 5, No. 37: The June Is Bustin' Out All Over Edition

June is bustin' out all over . . . .  Lord knows my nose knows it, thanks to all the pollen in the air these days.  Check out the classic movie rendition of this set piece (well worth the eight-minute investment), let your coffee and/or antihistamines kick in, and then let's dive into the past […]