Why haven't consumer-directed health plans taken off?

A recent study conducted by The Commonwealth Fund and the Employee Benefit Research Institute reveals that enrollment in high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) and consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs) is up this year by a meager 1%.  (Be sure to read the summary on the first page of the study report.)  One would think that the tax […]

Massachusetts universal health care coverage: employer perspective

I presented an introduction to the MA universal health care law a few weeks ago to a group of corporate counsel — focusing on the employer’s perspective.  My presentation was drawn in part from materials on the Massachusetts legislative website (look for "Health Care Bill" about halfway down on the left). — David Harlow

Pediatrics association to highlight concerns with retail-based clinics

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Retail Based Clinic Policy Work Group has a set of recommendations coming out in this month’s issue of Pediatrics.  (See earlier HealthBlawg post on retail-based clinics here.) Advance notice, courtesy of Medscape (free registration required), identifies the work group’s views on the shortcomings of this model: 1.  Fragmentation of care; […]

Experiments in health care delivery from all over

The mantra of improving quality of care while holding costs in check produces a continual stream of experiments in health care delivery.  This month, we learn that Washington, D.C. is seeing the return of the house call — as a cost-saving measure — and that provision of free preventive care to patients with chronic conditions […]