Wellaho CEO Naser Partovi Presents a Prescribable App

There are thousands of wellness apps in the app store. When we asked Naser Partovi what sets Wellaho apart from the crowd, allowing it to help individuals manage chronic conditions, he had a three-part answer: 1.  It’s a prescribable app, connecting patient and clinician, sending individually-configured alerts to the clinician as appropriate. 2.  It’s been […]

Dexter Shurney MD promotes a 360-degree approach to lifestyle change to manage chronic disease

Worksite clinics providing intensive lifestyle interventions are good business for some forward-thinking employers. They lead to measurable improvement in the health status of employees with chronic conditions, and — in the case of Cummins, Inc., according to CMO for Global Health & Wellness, Dr. Dexter Shurney — some of the key interventions tend to pay […]

A teenager takes control: Hadley George

Plenty of people with diabetes struggle with the daily rituals involved in keeping themselves healthy. Not everyone — and certainly not all fourteen-year-old girls with Type 1 diabetes — have the wherewithal to recognize the burnout, decide to take action, and begin to build a local community group of peers with diabetes. That’s exactly what […]

College Diabetes Network CEO Christina Roth Networks with Diabetes Innovation

College Diabetes Network (CDN) founder and CEO Christina Roth has diabetes. When she was a college student she found that she didn’t have an adequate support system, so she built one for herself, and created the infrastructure for students on other college campuses to do the same. Fast forward to the present, and she is […]

DI speaks with Rushika Fernandopulle, CEO of Iora Health: Managing chronic disease with primary care on steroids

I recently spoke with Rushika Fernandopulle, co-founder and CEO of Iora Health, a company based in Cambridge, MA which is building “an entirely new model of primary care.” He will be a panelist at Diabetes Innovation 2013. In order to improve the health care system, Rushika says we can’t fiddle around the edges. Instead we […]

Viridian Health CEO Brenda Schmidt talks multi-modal disease management with DI

We caught up with Viridian Health CEO Brenda Schmidt after the American Diabetes Association meeting in Chicago where Viridian and Omada Health announced a partnership to launch “the first multimodal lifestyle offering to address the national diabetes epidemic.” Viridian is scaling its national diabetes program through lifestyle coaches and technology, partnering with Omada Health to […]