David Harlow is keynote speaker at Louisiana Hospital Association 2012 Health Law Symposium

This morning I am in Baton Rouge, at the Louisiana Hospital Association conference center, sharing my perspectives on ACOs and the broad range of innovation in health care delivery and financing being ushered in under the Affordable Care Act. Accountable Care Organizations – The Camel's Nose Is In the Tent from David Harlow I am […]

Health Law Basics Plus: Two-day seminar in Boston this week

Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education puts on its annual two-day extravaganza introduction to health law this week (November 4-5).  I'll be speaking on post-acute care, and there is an all-star panel of speakers filling out the entire two days.  If you are — as they used to say  — within the sound of my voice and […]

Red Flags Rule: The FTC piles on, because HIPAA, ARRA and overlapping state laws just weren't enough

Update 5/28/10:  Red Flags? Nah … nothin' but blue skies.  The FTC delays implementation of the Red Flags Rule yet again, to December 31. Update 11/3/09:  The FTC announced that implementation of the Red Flags Rule will be delayed once more, this time until June 1, 2010.  The announcement came on the heels of losing […]

David Harlow quoted in Medicare Compliance Alert on pre-employment background checks

Take some advice from the HealthBlawger in screening new employees.  Check out some specifics in the current edition of DecisionHealth's Medicare Compliance Alert, offered in point-counterpoint format with tips from my friend Bill Mandell. David HarlowThe Harlow Group LLCHealth Care Law and Consulting

Creative approaches to caring for seniors in less restrictive settings

Last year, Massachusetts amended its Medicaid laws to require that beneficiaries headed to nursing facilities be screened to see if they could be placed instead in less restrictive settings. The Commonwealth then applied for a so-called Section 1115 waiver from Medicaid rules in order to reallocate federal funds ordinarily devoted to health care facility based […]

American Health Lawyers Association posts guide to legal issues in life-limiting conditions and series of one-pagers for providers and patients

From the AHLA website, a valuable resource for health care providers, patients and families: AHLA has released A Guide to Legal Issues in Life-Limiting Conditions. The document was produced as part of AHLA’s public interest commitment to serve as a public resource on selected healthcare legal issues. Read or download the Guide online. The Guide […]