On site at the HIMSS conference in Orlando I’ll be speaking with a cross-section of folks about trends in health IT. Over the coming weeks, you’ll be able to listen in on these conversations as they are broadcast on HealthcareNOWradio, or dip into the Harlow On Healthcare podcast archive at your leisure and listen — or read some of my blog posts about these conversations.

Meanwhile, to whet your appetite, and to offer some insights about the landscape, I am sending out video postcards from HIMSS. Check back throughout the week as new postcards are added to the collection.

Over the next couple of months, longer-form interviews with some of the people featured in these video postcards will be featured on my HealthcareNOW Radio show and podcast, Harlow on Healthcare.

If you’d like a daily email digest of interesting things found online by me (and the team of 100 chimpanzees typing in the back room trying to reproduce the collected works of William Shakespeare – sometimes they do an excellent job) with a podcast playlist thown in for good measure, please sign up here.

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