Many folks across these great United States paused last week after the election to think about what the results may mean for the future.

I offered a call to action to health tech innovators over on Fast Company: Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. As I’ve written elsewhere, we are not going to see a wholesale repeal of Obamacare in late January, and the opportunities for the health tech innovation community are not limited to the provisions of the ACA. In fact, given the likelihood of further federal budget cuts, the efficiencies promised by the health care innovation community are as important as ever.

I concluded my op-ed with these words:

Every presidential candidate campaigns on a platform designed to differentiate him or herself from the competition, from the other party, from the foibles of past administrations. Once elected, however, the candidate is forced to transform into a deal-maker, a master of compromise, an innovator within the realm of the possible, and within the federal bureaucracy. The change we will see is likely to be significant, but change is hard … it’s like turning a supertanker.

Health care innovators: We still need you.

Read the whole thing at Fast Company.

David Harlow
The Harlow Group LLC
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