Massachusetts Health Policy Commission Cost Trends Report

The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission released its preliminary cost trends report for 2013. In case anyone needed confirmation, Massachsuetts health care costs are above the national average. The report says: “Spending in Massachusetts is the highest of any state in the U.S., crowding out other priorities for consumers, business, and government.” Massachusetts Health Policy Commission […]

HIPAA Compliance and The Harlow Group LLC

For years, I have been helping covered entities, business associates and downstream contractors understand HIPAA and other federal and state health care data privacy and security laws and regulations, and develop and maintain policies and procedures that will help them comply with the law. These businesses range from startups with consumer-facing or health care provider-facing […]

Narrow Networks and Medicare Advantage: The True Meaning of Managed Care?

United HealthCare and other Medicare Advantage plans are dropping numerous providers from their networks, to the consternation of members given short notice of the changes. Predictably, the story is presented as big bad insurance co. vs. grandma, but the real story is less clear-cut. For years, Medicare Advantage plans have benefited from a regulatory structure […]