Give the people what they want: Alan Glaseroff’s radical approach to patient empowerment

If you were to show up in Alan Glaseroff’s office as a person with diabetes and, let’s say, numerous complications, putting you into that group of 5% of Americans whose care consumes 50% of the national health care spend, he would ask you: What bothers you the most? in order to start developing a patient-centered […]

Wellaho CEO Naser Partovi Presents a Prescribable App

There are thousands of wellness apps in the app store. When we asked Naser Partovi what sets Wellaho apart from the crowd, allowing it to help individuals manage chronic conditions, he had a three-part answer: 1.  It’s a prescribable app, connecting patient and clinician, sending individually-configured alerts to the clinician as appropriate. 2.  It’s been […]

Health Insurance Company Member Engagement Index: The EveryMove 100

There's a new index in town. Today's entrant is the EveryMove 100, a ranking of health plans across the US "based on how they engage with and empower consumers to manage their own health." according to the presser. (EveryMove is a health rewards based marketing and incentives company that provides opportunities to consumers to earn […]

Leverage: Preventable readmissions and a recent OIG advisory opinion

Medicare's excess readmission penalty policy (up to a 1% ding in IPPS Medicare payments to hospitals that have excess readmissions for acute myocardial infarction, heart failure and pneumonia in FFY 2013, going up to 2% in 2014 — and adding in measures for hip and knee replacements and acute episodes of COPD patients — and […]

Dexter Shurney MD promotes a 360-degree approach to lifestyle change to manage chronic disease

Worksite clinics providing intensive lifestyle interventions are good business for some forward-thinking employers. They lead to measurable improvement in the health status of employees with chronic conditions, and — in the case of Cummins, Inc., according to CMO for Global Health & Wellness, Dr. Dexter Shurney — some of the key interventions tend to pay […]

Scanners and HIPAA Compliance

Sponsored by Canon U.S.A., Inc.  “Canon’s extensive scanner product line enables businesses worldwide to capture, store and distribute information.” The ideas below are my own. A recent HHS OCR HIPAA settlement with a New York area health plan seemed to come out of left field: A CBS news investigative reporting team bought a copier formerly leased […]