Viridian Health CEO Brenda Schmidt talks multi-modal disease management with DI

We caught up with Viridian Health CEO Brenda Schmidt after the American Diabetes Association meeting in Chicago where Viridian and Omada Health announced a partnership to launch “the first multimodal lifestyle offering to address the national diabetes epidemic.” Viridian is scaling its national diabetes program through lifestyle coaches and technology, partnering with Omada Health to […]

Hacking HIPAA

Join me in attacking an endemic problem in health care today by Hacking HIPAA. I am crowdfunding the development of a new legal form to be used on and after September 23, 2013 to allow patients to opt-in to easier health care communications – a Common Notice of Privacy Practices that is patient-focused. (Text me, […]

Alternative Quality Contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts: A model for ACOs?

Managed Care Magazine recently ran a story on the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Alternative Quality Contract (AQC), which serves as a model for the ACO program under the Affordable Care Act. Check it out: Bay State Blues Combine Global Payment With Quality Metrics. The author of the piece, Joe Burns, contacted me as well […]

Health Datapalooza IV

This year's Health Datapalooza was the biggest to date. This is an event that keeps growing, as the government commitment to open data and the marketplace's insatiable thirst for data — and of course the information, knowledge and wisdom that may be gleaned from all that data — continue to grow. Interestingly, this year's focus […]

Wellness, Nondiscrimination and Evidence-Based Public Policy

A couple of recent wellness-related headlines caught my eye. Exhibit A: The Federales (IRS, DOL & HHS) finalized the regulations governing¬†Incentives for Nondiscriminatory Wellness Programs in Group Health Plans under the ACA. In a nutshell, these regulations establish a framework for incentives to employees to participate in and succeed at employer-sponsored wellness programs. More accurately, […]