Health Care Social Media – Google+ Hangout On Air

This coming Sunday evening, at 8 pm Eastern, I’ll be participating in a Health Care Social Media Google+ Hangout On Air over at the Healthcare Talk community with several of my compatriots from the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, among others, focusing on health care social media policies. Please join us, just before the […]

Employee Social Media Policies After NLRB Appointments Invalidated by Federal Court … Everything You Know Is Wrong?

In the latest chapter of some inside-the-Beltway wrangling over the validity of recess appointments by President Obama of National Labor Relations Board members, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals held the appointments to be invalid, thus invalidating all NLRB decisions in which these members had participated. These include, of course, some decisions touching on the […]

HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule – What’s in it for Patients?

After years of delay, the federales finally finalized the HIPAA Privacy, Security, Breach Notification and Enforcement Rules. Introduction The Final Rule offers significant changes to patient rights and patient protections. (There is much more to the rule, but other aspects are not addressed in this post. Here you may find a link to the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, […]