HealthCare SocialMedia Review #2: The Privacy and Security Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the HealthCare SocialMedia Review, the blog carnival that's all about health care social media. Today we take a look at some of the privacy and security issues relevant to the medium, and at some other current and topical posts from around the blogosphere. But first, pour yourself another cup […]

Call for Submissions: HealthBlawg Hosts HealthCare SocialMedia Review #2 Next Week

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the floodgates are open: Please submit your posts for the upcoming sophomore outing of HealthCare Social Media Review — the blog carnival for health care social media, featuring the most recent fortnight's crème de la crème of blog posts on the topic. (Follow the link for submission instructions via web form […]

Context-Relative Informational Norms – Buzzword or Paradigm Shift?

A piece in The Atlantic highlighting Helen Nissenbaum’s approach to privacy has been whipping around the twittersphere over the past couple of days.  The breathless tone of the piece is a little off-putting, but the content, at first glance, is intriguing: Nissenbaum argues that the real problem "is the inappropriateness of the flow of information […]