Pay For Performance and HCAHPS

"There's nothing better at incenting than money." Setting aside for a moment the mangling of the English language in this quote (see the full article on HCAHPS and P4P), we can probably agree that financial incentives are often a reasonable way to evoke desired behavior change. At the moment, we're talking about providing care in […]

Health Insurance Exchange Regulations and the Health Reform Challenge

The federal Health Insurance Exchange regulations were released in final form last week.  (See Timothy Jost’s prĂ©cis on the Health Affairs blog and HHS presser.)   I had the opportunity to hear Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedine speak in Philadelphia about his state’s progress towards building an exchange the very next day (I was speaking later on the […]

HealthCare SocialMedia Review – A New Blog Carnival – To Launch In April

While the HealthBlawger is generally loath to republish press releases, the source for the presser reproduced below is, well, the HealthBlawger himself.  With such impeccable provenance, we need make no further apologies …. HealthCare SocialMedia Review – A New Blog Carnival – To Launch In April On April 4, 2012, the inaugural edition of a […]

Data Breach: How Much Will One Cost You?

The going rate for a compromised medical record seems to be $1000 (well, at least that's the asking price) as seen in papers filed in the eleven class action lawsuits against Sutter Health following the theft of a desktop computer last fall.  The computer contained unencrypted protected health information on about 4.24 million members.  The […]