Massachusetts: Future Hotbed of Value-Based Benefit Design?

The high cost of public sector health insurance benefits — the albatross around the neck of many a mayor or town manager around the Commonwealth of Massachsuetts and around the country — has once again attracted the attention of Governor Deval Patrick.  Late last week, he announced that his SFY 2012 budget proposal will include […]

David Harlow is Guest on Lawyer2Lawyer Podcast on Massachusetts Health Reform Issue

I am a guest on the latest edition of Lawyer2Lawyer, a podcast talk show on the Legal Talk Network hosted by fellow Bay State blawger Bob Ambrogi and Golden State lawyer Craig Williams, discussing aspects of the Massachusetts health reform plan, national health reform, and the lawsuit brought by their other guest, Michael Merlina, who […]

Photographs of Snow

The snow hype machine has been in high gear around here, though I try not to pay attention.  Last weekend, I took a walk around the neighborhood and took some photographs of snow.  The light snowfall offered glimpses of something other than pure white, images that presented themselves to me as a series of abstract […]

Patient Engagement and Public Dialogue: The Society for Participatory Medicine

I am cross-posting my inaugural post as Public Policy Committee Chair for the Society of Participatory Medicine, which went up last week on the Society's blog — which I commend to all of you — I am delighted to offer my first report as Public Policy Committee Chair for the Society of Participatory Medicine.  […]

Health Care Social Media Workshop on the Web: Four-Part Webinar Starts January 26

You’re invited to join Jamie Verkamp, of the health care marketing consultancy (e)Merge, and me, for a 4 part webinar series specifically tailored to healthcare organization leaders.  These workshops begin Wednesday, January 26, and will meet weekly for four weeks. Objective: To thoroughly communicate to healthcare leaders the power of engaging and interacting with patients, […]

David Harlow quoted in telemedicine article in MA Medical Law Report

Telemedicine is one of the mechanisms currently being explored as a means of spreading around our unevenly distributed supply of clinicians, and to increase patient convenience.  Adoption of the technology is in its early stages, largely due to failure of most payors to pay for remote consultations.  I spoke recently with MA Medical Law Report […]