Self Referral Disclosure Protocol Redux: If it ain't broke, don't fix it

The OIG scrapped its old self-referral voluntary disclosure program in 2009 (it dated back to 1998, and was revisited in 2008), and the PPACA mandated that it be replaced.  Just like clockwork, on the deadline for its promulgation, the OIG obliged, and the new Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol is now posted and effective. The new protocol […]

Massachusetts health care payment plan gets renewed attention: Global payments to replace fee for service?

Federal health reform and Massachusetts health reform may find a point of convergence in the development of ACOs (accountable care organizations) and the payment mechanisms that will make them tick (or hum, or do whatever it is that we want them to do).  The Federales will be holding a listening session next week on the […]

David Harlow honored with Rx for Excellence award from Massachusetts Medical Law Report

Massachusetts Medical Law Report is honoring me this week with an Rx for Excellence award, as one of its "Heroes From the Field."  I am, indeed, honored by the recognition, and honored to be in the company of my fellow award recipients.  Please check out the list at the link above, and follow the good […]

David Harlow named to Advisory Board for the Mayo Clinic Center for Health Care Social Media; Crowdsourcing Nominees for Open Seats

At the invitation of Lee Aase, I have joined the advisory board for his new initiative, the Mayo Clinic Center for Health Care Social Media.  I am honored — and delighted — to be part of the dynamic group of leading thinkers and practitioners of this art and science that Lee has assembled.  I encourage […]

OIG: Imaging pre-authorization may be handled by hospital for referring docs and patients

The OIG released an advisory opinion at the end of last month OK'ing a hospital's proposal to provide insurance pre-authorization srevices free of charge to patients and physicians.  This is an issue that has long vexed folks in the imaging world.  Clearly, this is a free service provided to referral sources (to the extent they […]