Social Media Summit 2010 – June 3, Sponsored by Mass TLC, at Microsoft NERD

I'll be facilitating one of the breakout sessions at the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council's Social Media Summit 2010 next Thursday – and the rest of the program looks pretty darn good, too.  Check out the agenda, and I hope to see you there.  If you can't make it in person, follow along on Twitter. Update […]

HIT incentives in Massachusetts: Less carrot, more stick

Health care providers all over the country are all worked up because they say that the federales' regulations on meaningful use of certified EHRs go too far, too fast.  They should be glad they're not in Massachusetts, where EHR use will soon be required as a condition of licensure of physicians, hospitals and community health […]

Healthcare Performance Management Institute's Executive Director, George Pantos, speaks with David Harlow about tools and strategies for employers to manage health care services and expenses

Health care costs are a perennial issue for employers and employees.  There are a variety of approaches out there designed to improve health status and health outcomes and reduce costs at the same time.  Proponents of a variety of approaches have been featured here on HealthBlawg in the past.  I recently had the opportunity to […]